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  • Featured Farmer - Northern Divine

    Sustainable, Natural, Safe, Healthy, Award Winning & World Class. Northern Divine's Canadian caviar is Certified Organic using only Canadian salt to bring out the pure natural flavour. Their Mighty Fraser River Sturgeon are raised in land based aquaculture systems using pristine, cold, fresh mountain water.

    Northern Divine's caviar and sturgeon is what we are talking about for February. Join us at Q at the Empress to try some of our featured dishes.

    We all know how lucky we are to live on the coast. To visit the sand and rocks and waves and shuck an oyster or two right on the beach. We wax poetic about the robust bounty that we have from our earth and our sea for good reason. The access to healthy, beautiful and delicious food is our claim to fame here on Vancouver Island and the chefs at Q at the Empress don’t take that for granted. With great respect and appreciation for the ingredients, they bring us carefully thought out and presented dishes that allow the flavors of the Pacific to shine through. Try some smoked salmon with caviar, caviar with potato croquette or a sturgeon mi-cuit.

    Northern Divine